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The social investment platform built for the next generation of investors. We took investing, social media, and transparent investment advice to create one central investment platform for investors of all experience levels. Gainwise is where Smart, Social Investing happens.

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Why Choose Gainwise?

Introducing Gainwise, the social investing platform that makes investing a simple and transparent process for everyone.


Investment experts with a proven track record act as Captains, whom you are able to follow. They provide investment knowledge, market views and trading expertise for the whole community.


In control of whom you decide to follow, how you want to invest and whose advise you are likely to trust. There are a number of statistics, ratings and valuable information about each of the Captains.


Gainwise is transferring all advantages of social media channels into the world of investing in order to create a global community, where investment expertise is shared and market views are discussed.

Gainwise Is A Social Investment Community

Consider Gainwise the “Social Media” of investing. Just as social media has changed the way we communicate, Gainwise will change the way you invest. Now, you can socialize with like-minded investors, follow experienced investing influencers, and even collaborate on community forums and provide feedback and reviews for different Captains.

Access to Top Experienced Investors

Captains are experienced investors who have been thoroughly vetted by the community itself. This gives you access to not just one expert, but multiple investing experts with different investment views, strategies and track records.

Designed for Investors of All Experience Levels

Gainwise is a platform designed for investors of all types, including both beginners AND expert investors. Experienced investors have the opportunity to build a following within the investment industry, and beginner investors have the opportunity to learn and grow from others. Furthermore, you even get access to market updates and educational content to help further their investing knowledge and experience.

All Your Assets in One Location

With Gainwise, you have the convenience of managing all your investments in one convenient location including equity investments, bonds, forex currencies, and even cryptocurrencies within the Gainwise platform.

High Quality Educational Content

We hire and work with trusted industry experts who provide educational content on common investing topics. Not sure how to approach saving and investing for retirement, higher education, a major purchase, etc.? Gainwise educational content will help you answer common questions like these, among many more.

Why Should You Invest with Gainwise?
Why Should You Invest with Gainwise?

Why Should You Invest with Gainwise?

Whether you’re a Seed Investor in the platform, a venture capital firm, or a reputable bank, you can be sure that your investment in Gainwise is an investment in the inevitable future…

… the difference is, we have the “First Mover” advantage and we’re leading the way to the new world of investing.

For Seed Investors & Investment Banks…

In a perfect world, the ideal startup investment provides high probability of success, high returns, and little risk involved…as fast as possible. As an early investor in Gainwise, you will be among the few who recognize the evolving trend of how people invest. 

For the Experienced Investor (aka Captains)

The fact is, there are a lot of wealthy investors out there today who don’t get the recognition they deserve.  There are millions of investors today that are waiting to learn from the best. 

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Gainwise Technology

We utilize the following technologies

Cloud computing infrastructure from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to access on demand hardware and software platforms in the most cost-efficient manner. Public cloud infrastructure enables us to maintain operational redundancy and data backup in separate instances and availability zones to maximize data protection.

We implement the data and operational security technology and procedures necessary to meet requirements defined by the Gainwise business and financial regulators.

We adopt a combination of facial recognition, video recognition with depth analysis, scanned document recognition, multi-factor authentication and address verification in near real time.

As a social investment platform, it is important for the Gainwise community to create an ecosystem which fosters the high-quality exchange of information between community members while filtering out the bad information.

We build analytics into the platform from the outset, based around the core principle. And we use this information for recommending the most valuable investors, identify trends and filters irrelevant information.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning play an increasingly important role in the Gainwise platform as data is collected. We use AI/ML in areas such as sentiment analysis, trading pattern analysis and portfolio recommendations.

We continue to track developments in this technology closely and gradually introduce new capabilities for things such as digitally signed assets verification and decentralized identity, for example.

The development of Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) will be one way for us to partner with other technology companies to build a truly broad platform in the shortest possible timeframe and on the most cost-effective basis. This is key to our integration and extension of our investing platform.

How We’re Different
How We’re Different

How We’re Different

Today’s investment products and platforms have lost touch to some of the most common core values that attract loyal clients – trust, innovation, & transparency. That’s exactly what Gainwise founding values are built upon. 

With Gainwise, you can buy and sell a range of investment products within our social marketplace, that connects you with other consumers and experienced investors known as Captains. 

Our team is comprised of banking and technology experts with significant experience delivering world-class banking products and services for some of the largest financial institutions on earth. We are passionate about utilizing technology to meet the needs of a new generation of investors.  

We’re building the platform that will shape the way you and I invest in the coming future, and this ride isn’t one you’ll want to miss out on! Join our growing waitlist to be among the first to help us shape the investing future.

A modern investing platform that combines trusted knowledge & education, a socializing investment environment, and a “one stop shop” to manage all your investments.

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